Tori Freestone Trio – El Mar de Nubes

Whirlwind Recordings
London 2019

I called her Lisa, for she reminded me so much of the quirky Lisa Simpson, the famous cartoon character with the saxophone, who, when she plays, gives a damn about anything else but her music.

Tori Freestone and I met at the Leibnitz Jazz Festival 2017, where she played the opening set in the gorgeous wine cellar with Dave Manington (bass) and Tim Gils (drums). The arrangements left me a little sad, that might be the tenor saxophone as such, or Tori’s mood, that was already shaping the forthcoming album, „El Mar de Nubes“ or Wolkenmeer (The Sea of Clouds).

Backstage I tried to cheer her up with that Lisa thing and I think I succeeded for a little while. She was hanging with me and Peter Purgar, another photographer, and the three of us stayed in touch over the years.

Tori Freestone in Leibnitz, photo by Peter or me, I’m not sure

London calling

Naturally, I recommend her album to anyone who loves Jazz as much as I do. However, you should listen yourself, and what is today’s virus-free way of doing it? Tune in to a live stream tomorrow night at the Vortex Jazz Club!

Facebook or YouTube 8 PM London time

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